Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dreaded Static Hair

The weather here has finally turned cold, and when it gets cold my hair gets really dry.  I suffer from static in my hair which drives me nuts.  I don't wear certain clothes in the winter because I know my hair will fly high from them.  Last time when I was getting my hair colored and cut and talked to my hairdresser about it.  She told me that static comes from my hair being too dry and not having enough moisturizer in it.  What I have been trying lately is to make sure the shampoo's and conditioners I use are not too drying for my hair.  I have switched to Pantene Hair Products after watching a show on Kyle Richards and she swears by Pantene.  I have noticed my hair is shiny and full of volume.  So I use the moisturizing line for fine hair and the age expert.  I just rotate back and forth.  I still swear by the It's a 10 leaving in conditioner.  I have used that for about 3 years now and can tell a difference the times I have tried to give it up.   I am adding a new mousse style product by Pantene.  It's from the moisture line and it's the moisture whip leave in styling product.  I will let you know how I like it.  What do you do for static???

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