Monday, April 23, 2012

What I am Reading

I am a big book reader when I find the time.  I love to sit with a good book and totally lose myself.  I use to be really into murder mystery type books, but then I started having bad dreams about them.  It was about the time I had my first son.  I think that made me start to realize bad things at work in the world and I let my imagination get away with me.  So then I turned to chick literature.  These types of books are about all things I love to read about: fashion, romance, and shopping.  I also am a big fan of series books.  I loved Harry Potter and the Twilight series for this very reason.  My neighbor down the street is also a big reader and she asked me if I had heard of the Shades of Grey series.  She saw a piece on the Today show which I am linking below.

I headed to my local library and checked the series out.  And can I say, "Holy shades of gray".  I loved the romantic storyline of Twilight and this has that element, but it has a whole lot more in the adult side of things.  Wink Wink.  They are pretty easy reads and it has a great story line to go along with it.  One of the reviews I read recently was a woman husband saying if it brings this much action into my bedroom then please read away dear.  Let me know if you have read them or if you have another series that you are currently enjoying. 

The triology is by E L James
1. Shades of Grey
2. Shades of Darker
3. Shades of Freedom

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Origins celebrating Earth Day with a freebie

This Sunday on April 22nd Orgins is giving away a free moisturizer.  All you need to do is visit your local Origins counter and bring this form with you. You only need to bring a empty container of your current skincare to any Origins counter and we’ll trade it for a full-size of one of our high-performance moisturizers. You may choose between Starting Over or a Perfect World.

Monday, April 16, 2012

My chicken bump secret

I have this wonderful conditon on my arms called Keratosis pilaris and AKA chicken bumps.  I started getting these in my late teens.  After my first son it got worse and spread to my stomach, upper back, and upper thighs.  It also turned a much redder shade.  The only thing that really made a differnce was sunshine.  When speaking with my dermatologist about this he stated that about 40% of adults get this and it is mainly in women.  He also said from his experience it's tied in with hormones and since I had a child my hormones were out of wack.  I had kind of given up and just thought I was not ment to wear shorts or sleeveless.  After having my second child it got worse again.
I chose not to go back on birthcontrol after this one and have noticed a dramatic change in the last year.  I have also changed what products I am using.  I think the change in my hormones and the products have been what has done the trick.  I no longer have them on my thighs or stomach.  It is very faint on my upper arms and almost gone from my back.  The discoloration has also improved greatly so the ones I do have don't stand out so much.  I am going to share what I use below for skincare.  Hope this works for you if you try it.  I have been a long time sufferer of this and know the feeling of disapointment when something doesn't work.  I always think to myself we can put someone on the moon but can't come up with a treatment for this LOL.

In the Shower:
I use a loofah or one of those gloves.  The important step here is to scrub but not to roughly to irritate the skin.  It's a very fine line to figure out.  I cannot use all the fancy smelling body washes either.  These dry out my skin too much.  I have had great success with Dove Cream Oil Ultra Rich Velvet Body Wash, Rosewood and Cocoa Butter, 24 oz (5.00).

Dove Cream Oil Ultra Rich Velvet Body Wash, Rosewood and Cocoa Butter, 24 oz

After the shower:
Again I have to stay clear of those fancy smelling lotions.  I do use them on my chest and lower arms, but not on my areas that are affected.  I also make sure I get my lotion on within 3-5 minutes of getting out of the shower.  I love Aveeno Creamy Moisturizing Oil Pump Body Moisture, 12 oz (7.00).  This lotion has made huge difference in my skin texture and the discoloration.  I really think the trick to working with KP is finding out how much moisture your skin needs.  I think the oil in both of these products gives my skin the needed moisture.  I also have to make sure that I exfoliate my body to keep that thicker skin from blocking my pores. 

Aveeno Creamy Moisturizing Oil Pump Body Moisture, 12 oz

I hope these tips can help and if you use something that works please comment so I can share that as well.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cream Blush Loves

I am a big fan of cream blush.  I love it in the winter because my skin is so dry.  I love it in the summer because it gives me that sunkissed glowy finish I like.  I apply my normal bronzer then apply these to the apples of my cheeks only.  Today I am going to share some of my favorite ones. 

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush (7.99): Rose Petal
The revolutionary powder-gel formula is lightweight like a powder, yet it melts seamlessly into skin like a cream, for a sheer wash of bouncy-fresh color that lasts!
This blush applies very easily.  I use a stippling brush to apply mine.  One word is that you will need a light hand when applying because it goes on so easily. BTW: ulta is having 20% off right now so check out the site.

Dream Bouncy Blush

Stila Convertable Color (25.00): Lillium

This versatile favorite brightens cheeks and lips with creamy, translucent color. Tap onto cheeks and press onto lips. The sheer tint adds an inherent glow to the cheeks while lips bloom with fresh, radiant color. Our two-in-one compact holds the key to easy, monochromatic makeup. A must-have in every stila girl's kit.
For this blush I use an angled blush and apply to apples of my cheeks and sweep backwards as well.  I can use a heavier hand with this one.  I haven't tried it on my lips, but do love it on my cheeks.  I got his one because of it's great reviews and the number of times it has won the In Style Beauty Buys.

Convertible Color

What are some of your favorite cream blushes???

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Drugstore BB Cream

I saw a review last week for the Gardnier BB Cream.  I tried to go back to find who wrote it, but haven't found it yet.  As soon as I do I will link that review.  The weather has started to turn warmer here and that means I like to go with a tinted moisturizer foundation than a full coverage one.  I have tried many, but have never found one that I think gives me the coverage that I want.  I get really shiny with them which I don't like.  Or they don't give me enough coverage for my redness.  From my previous posts you can see I have a lot of redness in my face that I like to blend in. 

I read this review and knew I wanted to try this product.  It's the Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Beauty Balm (BB) Cream.  I purchased the Medium to Dark.  I have been spray tanning weekly lately and have a pretty good color base. Walgreens has this on sale right now for 9.99 and it's normally 12.00.  Since it was a good price I picked up both shades (Light/Medium and Medium/Dark).  Sometimes I need to mix colors to get the right shade for me as my tan changes. 

I am in love with this stuff.  I even had my 2 sisters try it this weekend while we were at my parents and they love it.  I love that is also has SPF 15.   First off the smell is great.  The cream is not runny like some tinted moisturizers can be and goes on very evenly.  I just applied my primer first then put this on over top with my fingers.  It blended in very nicely and evenly.  I only used the Medium/Dark and it blended nicely.  My sister who is a little lighter than me used both and said it was the perfect shade for her.  I was not shiny at all and had that really flawless look that I like.  My skin had even skintone coloring.  I did finish it off with my MAC Mineralized skin finish powder.  The staying power was great and after 6 hours it still looked good when I washed my face for bedtime.  The last thing I really liked about it was that even though it gave great coverage, my face didn't feel weighted down with product.  It felt very smooth and moisturized.  If you have tried this product tell me your thoughts below. cream

Thursday, April 5, 2012

On the Hunt for April

I am going to try to make this a new post each month.  These are items that I am on the hunt for.  Last month I would say I was on the hunt for some white jeans and summer skirts.  My husband and I had to take an overnight trip which placed us next to an outlet mall.  I have a discover card that lets you save up your rewards for gift cards.  I save mine for the GAP because I can use it at GAP, Banana, and Old Navy.  Remember I am on a purchasing freeze this year unless it's with gifted money or gift cards.  Before we left I cashed in my reward for a gift card.  I hit up Banana and they had the whole store 40% off and I had a coupon for 15% off as well.  One tip I can give you if you go to outlets is to google search for coupons.  The outlets malls also have coupons online you can print and take with you.  I hit my wishlist at our first stop.  I found white jeans (30.00), white, gray and black skirt for (12.00) each.  I got all that for less than 75.00.  Here is my list for this month.

Item One:  Jean Capris
I stumbled on these on pinterest and love them.  However I cannot figure out the brand to see where to buy them.  I love the look of them.  Know any good places??
Pinned Image

Item Two:  New Blow Dryer
I have a 20% off coupon to Ulta and a gift card from Christmas that I can spend as well.  I am looking for a lightweight dryer that dries my hair pretty quickly.  Suggestions appreciated.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I am getting my hair done this week.  It's been about 12 weeks this time.  I have been searching for some inspiration.  Here are a few of the photos I am taking with me to the appointment this week.  I am still on the fence if I want to get some highlights or not.  I am also trying a new salon this week. 

cute hair!

Like this color.  I am not ready for bangs.  I made a promise to myself that no matter how bad I want them I will not cut them.  I curse myself when I do because I cannot get all my hair out of my face.

This is my hair goal.  I have been growing my hair out for 2 years now and have finally reached about an inch and half below my shoulders.  I still have a ways to go but this picture keeps me going.  Do you have a hair goal????

My hair goal

Monday, April 2, 2012

Eye Shadow Primer

I thougth I would share my favorite go to shadow primers.  The purpose of these is to help with creasing and make your shadow last much much longer.  Here are a few that I love

Too Faced Shadow Insurance (18.00) is a full-coverage policy against flaking, creasing and fading eye shadows. This silicone based primer creates a tight bond between your skin and shadow, so you can rest easy that your eye shadow is taken care of.  I have been using this one just about everyday for about 3 months now.  I really like it.  It evens out my lid color.  I like this one much better than Urban Decay Primer Potion.
Shadow Insurance - Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Shadow Pencil (20.00):  Sin
Urban Decay's Shadow Pencils deliver incredible color payout, but feel lightweight. The new fat shape allows you to cover large areas more quickly. Use the thin tip as eyeliner, or the side of the tip as a generous swipe of eyeshadow. Luscious drop-dead shades make you feel every inch the creative type, as you blend shimmer, cream and sparkle finishes. Skip the powder shadow brushes and water - Urban Decay's pencils make it easier than ever to get vibrant eyeshadow looks on the go. Experiment with multiple shades layered together, then blend away for an unbelievable effect that sets and stays put. All shades are paraffin, mineral oil, and paraben-free. 

I have really loved this color. It looks great under all my eyeshadows.  I think I will really like it this summer as I think I will wear it by itself.

A very close match to this is the NYX Jumbo Shadow Pencil. These only cost 4.50 per pencil.  I have only ever found them at Ulta.  The color yogurt and Urban Decays Sin are very very close. 

NYX Top Selling eye pencil:

  • Combines an eye shadow and eye liner all-in-one
  • Features a creamy formula that glides on smoothly like silk and is easy to blend
  • Does not crease or dry out
  • Is available in an astounding array of shades that work both day and night
  • Lasts all day
  • Does not crease or dry out eyes
  • Jumbo Eye Pencil

    The last one that I have liked a lot are the MAC Paint Pots.  These do at times dry out on my eyes and make my eye shadow kind of flaky. Not all the time, and I think this happens more when my skin is drier.  I like the color
     MAC Painterly Paint Pot (17.50)
    A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners.

    These are a few that I use.  I have been using the Too Faced and the Urban Decay one in heavy rotation lately and have really liked the look they give.   What are some of your favorites?