Thursday, April 5, 2012

On the Hunt for April

I am going to try to make this a new post each month.  These are items that I am on the hunt for.  Last month I would say I was on the hunt for some white jeans and summer skirts.  My husband and I had to take an overnight trip which placed us next to an outlet mall.  I have a discover card that lets you save up your rewards for gift cards.  I save mine for the GAP because I can use it at GAP, Banana, and Old Navy.  Remember I am on a purchasing freeze this year unless it's with gifted money or gift cards.  Before we left I cashed in my reward for a gift card.  I hit up Banana and they had the whole store 40% off and I had a coupon for 15% off as well.  One tip I can give you if you go to outlets is to google search for coupons.  The outlets malls also have coupons online you can print and take with you.  I hit my wishlist at our first stop.  I found white jeans (30.00), white, gray and black skirt for (12.00) each.  I got all that for less than 75.00.  Here is my list for this month.

Item One:  Jean Capris
I stumbled on these on pinterest and love them.  However I cannot figure out the brand to see where to buy them.  I love the look of them.  Know any good places??
Pinned Image

Item Two:  New Blow Dryer
I have a 20% off coupon to Ulta and a gift card from Christmas that I can spend as well.  I am looking for a lightweight dryer that dries my hair pretty quickly.  Suggestions appreciated.


  1. The Conair 213XP Infiniti hair dryer is awesome. See my blog post about it here:

  2. I have the T3 featherweight dryer from Ulta and LOVE it. Super light weight and dries my hair faster and with less frizz than my previous 'cheaper' hairdryers. It also happens to be the dryer my hair stylist swears by.

  3. I have some capri's similar to those that are from American Eagle. For extra money, I sell stuff on ebay and more often than not, you can get what you're looking for new off of ebay. I save a lot of money doing that.

  4. I haven't bought myself new clothes in a very loooong time. So happy your found such great bargains and that you are sticking to your gift card plan too. Hugs and thank you for joining the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop