Sunday, February 3, 2013

Drugstore skin care

My dear sweet husband has asked me to join him in saving a buck. We would like to move to a house with a basement soon and need to save up. As my high end products run out I am trying to find drugstore versions. I spend a lot of time researching them before I purchase so I get the best stuff. My moisturizers have run out so I recently purchased some refill products.  Please note that I have very very dry skin.

AM moisturizer Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Lift wrinkle reducer serum
I love the texture and feel of this cream.  It is not greasy feeling and soaks in pretty quickly. At 16.99 it's about half of my other cream and a larger size. I am on week 3 od this product and still loving it.

PM Moisturizer  Ponds Dry Skin Cream
I slather my face with this each night. This has actually made my skin so much plumper and at 8.99 it's a fantastic deal

Face Primer Cover Girl  Olay Simply Ageless Serum
I love Laura Mercier Hydrating Face Primer but at 30 dollars it's just too much. This one is just 15 and really does the trick!  It actually makes my face feel more moisturized.

I will keep you posted on my drugstore adventures.


  1. I too have ridiculously dry skin, especially in the winter. However, I also have super sensitive skin and have found 99% of anti-aging products actually make my skin worse. Have you noticed any redness or irritation from the Garnier serum you use? I'm wonder if I switch to a serum if that will eliminate irritation?

    Found you via the Him & Her "Tell Me Tuesday" link party. Thanks for sharing your finds!

    1. I too have redness in my skin mainly on my cheeks. So far I have liked the Garnier Serum and not noticed any redness or irriation. I haven't had any breakouts either. The one thing I will say is it doesn't smell the best, but it doesn't last too long and is bearable.