Sunday, March 18, 2012

Target Purchases

I have some gift money from Valentines day so I cruised over to Target the other day.  I purchased 2 Target cardigans this week.  Not on the same day.  I purchased the gray one and loved it so much went back for the blue.  I go the blue for March Madness so I can root on my Kentucky Wildcats with some style LOL.  These run about 23.00.  A good trick is to check Target’s coupons before you go to see if they have any for fashion.  I just learned Target has a coupon section the other day and have started checking that before I go and have found that I can use a coupon just about every time I go.  
Mossimo Women Ultrasoft Cocoon Sweater: Gray and Blue (23.00)
I purchased these in medium.  I wear them over tanks.  They are very soft and light weight so perfect for spring.  I have washed them both and they appear to hold up well and maintain shape and look.
Description: Mossimo® Womens Ultrasoft Cocoon Sweater - Assorted ColorsDescription: Mossimo® Womens Ultrasoft Cocoon Sweater - Assorted Colors

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  1. I adore their V-neck t-shirts with the pocket. I pick one up in every color every spring. They run about $10 and last me all the way until winter.