Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spray Tanning

It's that time of year for me to start my sunless tanning :)  I was excited because Sun Tan City is running a special this weekend.  Sunless tanning is 9.99.  I went this am to get mine done and may even try to go back tommorrow.  I like to go use the spray booths to get a good even base and then use bottle tanners to keep it up.  Once I get my base down I go every 2 - 3 weeks to the spray booths.  Sun Tan City uses the Versa Spray and I have liked it much better than mystic.

For the bottle tanning I use:
Banana Boat: Summer Color Self Tanning Lotion in Deep Dark Tan (not the one pictured below) 7.50

Summer Color Sunless Tinted Lotion

I really like this formula a lot and I like how it applies.  You can see where it goes and it absorbs really quickly.  I haven't noticed that it comes off on my clothes.  It does have the sunless smell but not as strong as other kinds I have used.   Once I get my spray booth base I use this about 2 -3 times per week in between sessions to keep my color looking good.  I like the deep dark because you can keep it light or use it more often to get much darker.  With some lotions I have used I never get very dark.  

The one I really want to try is teh Xen Tan.  I wished I had used my ulta point rewards for this one instead of the curling iron :(  Any thoughts on it as a sunless tanning product?  The reviews on Ulta were pretty good.

Deep Bronze Luxe Premium Sunless Tan


  1. I have used the Fake Baked Airbrush self tanner and I love the color but the smell drives my husband crazy, so I don't really get to use it. I wish someone could come up with a scentless product! :)

  2. This is so helpful for my redheaded pale self :) Thanks for sharing!!!

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