Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A new lip gloss

I stopped by Ulta today to pick up my husbands hairspray he likes by Crew.  I know I can buy that stuff just about anywhere, but if it's a product that Ulta carries then I go there to pick it up so I can get my Ulta points (Got that free curling iron last time).  Well I watched a review the other day on the Lip Glosses by Butter London that go with their nail polish.   Yummy Mummy is one of  my favorites.  I love very neutral and nude like colors both on my lips and on my fingers.  I just thought I will stop and check them out.  I bet you can guess where that lead me to next :)  I swatched the Yummy Mummy on my hand first, and decided I liked the look of it and tried it on my lips.  I wore it around the store for a few minutes.  I have always noticed that lip products seem to change colors on me the longer I wear them.  I like to give them a few minutes before I make a decision.  Well after a few minutes I still really really liked it.  Did I need a new gloss??? No, but did I want it  YES:)  I am not really a gloss wearer, but this one seems to be very long lasting and has some staying power.  I put it on about 2 hours ago and it is still going strong.  I will say it is of the very sticky family of glosses, but it does not come off on everything.  I really like it and love the color.


Butter London Lippy: Yummy Mummy (17.00) medium beige color is a true nude
Lippy is a range of long-wearing, lacquer like lip glosses in shades to match Butter London's famous nail lacquers.

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  1. Wow! $17.00? It better be a good gloss! lol. I've never been to Ulta, we have one close by, but I can't afford to buy any of it, and it would just bum me out, lol. So, I have decided to stay out of that store until I can afford to splurge. I'm not really a gloss kind of gal either, they feel so slimy and then usually by the end of the day my lips get so dry and chapped, even if I put chapstick on before applying the gloss. I like the way it looks, just not how it feels, but this sounds like one that would be worth trying.

    Anyway, my name is Sarah, I just discovered your awesome blog and wanted to say hello and leave a comment. I found you at Alderberry Hill at the make the scene Monday hop. I know it's way past Monday, but it takes me a while to get through all of the links. I am a new follower though and was looking for inspiration.

    Well, feel free to stop by and if you would like to you can always follow back.

    Thanks and have an awesome Sunday!