Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How I use Snapfish for my photos

I started using Snapfish when I converted to a digital camera back in 2005.  I have loved it ever since.  I have tried the other similar websites but always come back to Snapfish.  I like Snapfish's editing software if I need to use it.  Their calanders make great gifts.  Every year for Grandparents day I make a calendar of my kiddos, cousins, and all family members.  I love it because you can put photos on people's birthdays as well.  I make a photobook each year of my family from the previous year.  I do miss the old film cameras because I felt like I displayed more of my pictures from them.  Two Christmas's ago I got a digital picture frame and began loading my pictures from my camera on there.  So I am able to enjoy my photos but not have to develop them.  I don't want to develop them because I create a photo book each year after New Years of the previous year.  That way I don't have to scrap book or write in a photo album either.  I have a lovely leather bound book that's usually about 100 pages when I am done.   The last 2 years I have been able to use a coupon for 20% off and this year that saved me about 50 bucks :) This past years was big because we had our second son.  I usually edit my photos on my computer first, then load to snapfish.  Once I have them edited on my computer I also load them onto my digital frame.  I probably site down and do this about every 2 -3 months.  It's not so overwhelming that way for me.  I also go ahead and make the pages for my snapfish book when I load them.  That way I am not sitting for hours at the end of the year making this book.  How do you manage all your photos??
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  1. Managing my photos is a constant struggle. I love documenting everything, so we have hundreds of pictures, needless to say. I try to do a Blurb book each year to have everything organized. I do love Snapfish though, I think they are a great site to use. Thanks for sharing this!