Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Recommendations to Follow

I am going to include some links from time to time of other people that I enjoy reading and learning from each day.  I started following Skinny Ms.  There are 3 options: Skinny Ms slow cooker, Skinny Ms Oven, and Skinny Ms fitness.  I fell in love with Skinny Ms fitness.  This has given me some tips and workouts that I love.  I like that each day there is a new one and it changes each day. I try to go to the gym 2 days a week, and shoot for once on the weekend.  This is new for me :)  I am trying to get my pre baby body back.  Mind you I had my first one 4 years ago, so I got some work to do.  I like this site because if I can't get to the gym one day due to work or daycare issues then I know I have an option.  The workouts also come with videos that are pulled together to help you if you don't know the moves.  You can like this on facebook and it will be added to your stories on your page.  It also has tips for foods to buy and food to eat.  I need lots of help when it comes to me staying fit.  I am really trying because I know I am not going to have any more kiddos and don't have that as an excuse anymore.   Feel free to check out the link or look it up on facebook.  I have been following for about 2 months and haven't felt like I want to delete the link up yet.  Which for me is a good sign.  Please share your recommendations below if you like. 


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