Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thank goodness the playroom has a door :)

Our 2 boys have all the toys that one can ever hope for.  Way more than I ever had growing up, but we won't go there (still trying to figure out why our inground pool is now heated for my 4 year old, but I took those chilly swims all my life).  My boys are blessed in that they have my parents, my husbands father and stepmother and his mother for grandparents.  Mine sons were the only grandchildren until this past August, which means spoiled.  Back to the reason for the post.  We have a really cool area under our stairs on the first floor.  When we built our house it was supposed to be for storage.  It a little room that is under our staircase in the shape of an L.  A very dear neighbor ran some electric in there so the boys can have light.  This room has quickly gotton overun with toys.  My second son is in the baby toys that are large an bulky.  So after Christmas I could take it no longer and made an upstairs playroom as well.  That way it is all not housed in one location and they have a place to play if I need to work upstairs.  The room upstairs was our office.  We took out the desk and put in bookshelves and toy boxes.  That all looked great until I put the toys in bins.  Being a teacher I have tons of these baskets and brought them home.  I couldn't figure out why it was driving me crazy to look at it until I saw this blog post.  I love this blog because I apply the things she uses for her classroom to my house as well.  Check out his blog if you like organization tips :)  How do you handle organizing all the toys in your house??

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