Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to Tie A Scarf

I love a scarf and love how they make me feel so cozy.  I love how they can really jazz up my plain old t-shirts.  They take a boring outfit to the next level.  I am including some links from my pinterest pages that I found for tying scarves.  I love all of these and like to be able to change up my look. 

scarves :)


I am also including where I like to get my favorite scarves from.  Target just put out some really fun colors for Spring

Target: usually run around 15 dollars.  I have yellow, pink, and black from here
Merona® Solid Wrap - Pink

What's your favorite place to get scarves and how do you tie yours?  Comment below

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  1. Love this so I pinned it :) Thanks for your sweet comment.